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Halloween in Boise

Friday, November 2, 2007



Halloween’s come and gone.  It was an interesting experience – our first ever.  We started the evening off by going to Hyde Park for some planned activities.  In Boise, you never know what you’re gonna get when a “carnival” is advertised – 200 people? 2 people?  It’s always a surprise.  We started off at Goodys for a scary storytelling session for Divya.  I went in to check it out before bringing Divya in – there was an old lady who looked like she was suffering from a bout of memory loss – she was holding a book, but not reading from it.  There were 4-5 children (probably her grandchildren haha) who looked like they had been forced to endure the storytelling.  We were out of there.  After getting a quick bite at Parilla’s Grill, we were off to our next destination….. Bungalow – there was to be a costume contest in the restaurant’s patio.   Around 6.30pm, kids started showing up.  Then out of the restaurant came this man who was forced to put on a hat and be the judge.  He started giving out prizes for the “Best” everything.  Divya was the “Best Penguin” – considering she was the ONLY penguin there.  She was happy :).  She even managed to make a friend, Layla who was dressed as Minnie-Mouse.  Finally, her good old friend Pooh Bear (a.k.a. Collette) showed up.  So the Elans and the Kawamuras decided to head down to Harrison Street – the “happening” Halloween street in Boise.  People on this street live in huge, beautiful houses and apparently go all out to decorate their houses.  And according to a reliable source, some houses actually give out full, big bars of chocolates (hence, the long queues of children AND adults at these houses).  After walking around for awhile, we decided that we just needed to get out of the cold.  So going separate ways, on the way home, we headed to SONIC (a drive thru) for some fries and a slushee.  So there you go, that was our 1st Halloween.

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  1. Friday, November 2, 2007 7:45 pm

    Hhmmm … Ooyah is getting all jealous not being able to join Divya for Halloween. Divya is way too cute in that penguin costume.

  2. boiseangel permalink*
    Friday, November 2, 2007 10:38 pm

    hahha – she walks like one. Yah man, if they were together – they could have gone as a team, Batman & Robin? Charlie’s Angels – only 2 of them?

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