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Tuesday, November 13, 2007



Good food, good company, good fun – that pretty much describes our Deepavali this year.  We were feeling a little homesick when we went to the Indian Shop to do some grocery shopping – with quite a lot of people doing some last minute shopping.  Even though we never used to do much for Deepavali back in Singapore, the festive mood, food and programmes on T.V. never failed to get us into the spirit of Deepavali. 


I remember when I was young – our routine would be to get up early, don new clothes and go to the temple with Amma, Appu and Annai.  We would then head out visiting many people – whether we were invited or not.  Appu used to love inviting himself to people’s houses – catching them unaware.  Somehow, all these relatives and old family friends of ours were used to it – and almost came to expect a visit from the Purushothamans.  Childhood memories never fail to warm the heart.  Elan remembers his family staying up all night – with his mum cooking by the bulk for many visitors next day – and with him and his siblings being allowed to stay up till late to watch T.V.  I know many households do this – but we were never much for the “mass cooking” part.  There was only once I remember inviting my friends over for Deepavali – I was 11.  It ended up with my friends and I playing badminton in the garden and with Annai laughing at us…….ahhh……such fond memories.


Back to Deepavali this year.  We had Chris, Stella (with Collette), Constance and Greg come over for dinner on Friday night.  A couple of days before that, I just felt like we should get into the mood – being far away from Singapore didn’t mean we couldn’t celebrate.  So Thursday was filled with massive autumn cleaning.  And Friday was spent cooking – the usual suspects – chicken pirattal, briyani rice, carrot raita, kesari, murukku.  Constance brought a yummy chocolate pudding dessert.  It was a fun, relaxing night that ended with a couple of games of carrom.  The night set me to thinking that life is nothing without people around with you to share it with. 

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  1. Wednesday, November 14, 2007 12:40 pm

    Sounds like fun…I bet you and elan must be missing home most around this time… 😦
    Belated Diwali to you folks there.
    Briyani, kesari, murukku? Hmm.. looks like you’re gonna put Martha Stewart out of job very soon babe.

  2. boiseangel permalink*
    Wednesday, November 14, 2007 3:54 pm

    hehe – no lah. There’s no way Martha can match up to me. Yeah, it is harder around these times – but it gets easier each day.

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