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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This blog of mine is a work in constant progress.  I don’t totally know what its objective is yet.  I have so many ideas in mind – I just need time to sort them out.  So for those of you who visit this page, do check out the links every now and then for updates.  I just added a link to a page on the top of this page today featuring a list of my all time favourite songs.  I will keep adding to it as they come to mind.  I hope this makes it easier for you to get to know me and my taste in music [as “unique” as it may be] – and maybe you could use this as a playlist for yourself if you like any of these songs.  The songs highlighted in red are the ones I enjoy after a drink or two – with good company ofcourse.

There is also a link called “Bavani’s dictionary”.  Moving to the U.S. has made my life an experience of “thosai meets pancake” – so knowing that I may have a variety of readers, I hope this page serves to help you more in comprehending my blog and the very technical terms I may use 🙂  So if I have left out any words that you don’t understand and are dying to know the meaning of, just let me know.  Feel also free to correct my definition if you want.

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