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Deepavali Concert

Monday, November 19, 2007


Divya with me and then with her Appu outside our home before the concert.


Divya in her car seat on the way to the concert.            Kolam in front of the hall. 


                                  2 cute announcers and one of the items.


Elan and Divya engrossed in the concert.                    Elan – not too impressed with the dessert.


People furiously stuffing their faces and Divya in her stroller during dinner.


Divya’s Appu walking her down the aisle.                       Divya’s bodyguard (her Appu).


                   The Elans                                            Mr and Mrs Elan

Ok, so this entry is a little late.  I’ve been fighting the flu since last Thursday.  I’m trying very hard to recover.  I DON’T WANT THE FLU SHOT – don’t want to subject myself to that needle – so I’m scared of injections. 

Anyway, we attended a Deepavali concert on Saturday night – organised by AID Boise – which is a non-profit charitable organisation that raises funds for various projects that enhance the lives of people in India.  I hear that this show has been an annual event for awhile.  I was looking forward to it for quite awhile – a chance to feel a little bit at home and ofcourse to check out lots of the other Indians in Boise.  Not even this frustrating flu could dampen my spirit.  We arrived at the Meridian Middle School hall (auditorium) at 5pm which was when the show was supposed to start.  But you know, you can take the Indian out of India but you can never take India out of the Indian.  I guess they were following the I.S.T.  So at 5pm, only about quarter of the auditorium had been filled up.  But I must say, I was pretty impressed and pleased that the show organisers went ahead to start the show around 5.10pm despite the empty auditorium.  Ofcourse there were people who were still sauntering in around 6+pm.  By the end of the concert, the auditorium was almost full.  We were not disappointed at all by the concert.  It was pretty entertaining.  The smart move was that most of the items were performed by children – you can never go wrong with kids.  Even their mistakes are entertaining and adorable.  Most of the items were dances to either classical, Bollywood or Kollywood music.  There were the usual fun people in the crowd who were cheering and wolf-whistling.  Elan and I also got into the mood and were shouting some “woo-hoos”. 

 The concert ended around 7.30pm.  I was really proud of Divya – she actually sat through the whole concert, even dancing enthusiastically at times to certain songs.  What sealed the deal for her good behaviour was when they turned off the lights just before the concert started.  She got a little fright and climbed into her Appu’s lap – and was quite happy and secure to be there for the rest of the concert 🙂 – she definitely has the rhythm in her – who knows, she may enjoy some sort of dance classes one day.  After the concert, people who had paid a little extra were invited to a dinner at the school hall catered by an Indian restaurant called Madhuban.  After queuing for quite awhile, we joined one of the 2 queues entering the hall.  Unfortunately, that (we suspect) turned out to be the vegetarian queue.  But we didn’t totally regret it.  The food was really good except that the quantity they served was small and it would have been crazy to queue up again for a 2nd helping.  After dinner, we headed back to the auditorium where they were gonna have an open dance floor.  Since people were still eating, it was quite empty.  So Divya and few other little children enjoyed running around a little bit while I relaxed and enjoyed the tamil songs that were being played. 

We headed home after that – but not before refuelling on some starbucks hot chocolate (for me) and some Sonics fruit slush (for Elan).  Overall, it was an enjoyable family night for us.

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