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Happy Birthday to moi…

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My birthday so far….. i’m the kind of person who thinks celebrating a birthday is a must – whether it be in a teeny weeny way or in a huge way – so a cake and the whole 9 yards is a must.  And I used to have this funny tradition with a friend when we used to go out, that at midnight of our birthdays, whatever song we heard playing would be the theme for the rest of the year.  It usually used to be in some pub or club.  So this year, I turned on the radio last night – they were playing a whole lot of country and unknown rock music for awhile then FINALLY, I heard a song I recognised – so go figure.  It was “Saturday in the Park” by Chicago.  So if anyone knows what the meaning may be for me for this year, TELL ME.  At least I can dance to it 🙂

I decided that instead of having a bought cake, why not make my own?  I love baking (Yes, you know you love baking when you’re baking your own birthday cake) and I get to choose what exactly I like.  So the cake is baked and waiting to be iced.  Not quite in tact the way I wanted it hehe – but will do.

I found the following 2 clips on youtube.  The first 2nd is funny – not quite my take on birthdays but still funny.  The 1st one is more me hahah

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