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Divya’s Christmas Parties

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Yesterday was a long, but fun and interesting day for Divya.  We started off the day with her playgroup session at Jeni (the lady in red) and Katie’s (the little one in light blue in front of Jeni) house.  Jeni was really brave in suggesting that we have a playgroup session in her house yesterday – involving some mini-craft and cookie decorating sessions.  I guess since she has 2 little girls – the chaos no longer scares her.  It turned out to be a really fun time for all of us.  Ofcourse most of the craft-making and cookie decorating was done by the mothers – Divya just refused to take part in the artistic part – she just wanted to eat the pieces.  And her Amma’s effort of cookie decorating was destroyed in seconds as she had her 2nd taste in her life of pure VERY SWEET cream (the 1st time was from her b’day cake).  And she loved it (as can be seen in the pictures).  All the other children in her playgroup are older than her by few months – so they seem to be able to focus on playing together – while Divya is perfectly happy wandering around and inspecting everything.  The morning ended with a small gift exchange for the kids – as expected, the kids were quite happy just carrying the presents and walking around – so the “mummies” had to assist with the opening of the presents.  Divya got a set of word/flash cards with a farm theme – they’re pretty cool – each card has a picture relating to a farm with a part of the card that you can actually touch and feel something – e.g.  on the chicken card, you can feel a bit of the chicken’s feathers.  But Divya seemed more interested in one of the other kids’ presents – a broom, mop and dustpan for kids – so guess what Santa is bringing Divya for Christmas 😉



The day and excitement were far from over for Divya.  Micron organised a Christmas party for the kids and families of Micron employees – held at the Idaho Center (indoor stadium) at Nampa which is about a 30-45 min drive away from Boise.  We decided to go for this party with Chris, Stella and Collette.  I guess it was only OK for us as the party catered more to the older group of children – there were few games organised for the toddlers but there were biggers kids playing there too.  So we decided not to throw Divya into the lion’s mouth.  She did get to take a picture with the “princess with teeth braces” who was supposed to be conducting a storytelling session for the toddlers – but she didn’t look like she had any business.   

The highlight of the evening had to be Divya’s photo of her sitting on Santa’s lap for the first time in her life.  She did initially give him a frown wondering who he was – but then eventually ignored him and didn’t look too interested.  I must say, neither was I impressed with Mrs Santa being there nor was I impressed with her lack of enthusiasm and smiles for children who had come all the way to the North Pole to see Santa.  But overall, it was still worth the trip – sharing that experience as a family 🙂 




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