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Thursday, December 13, 2007

It’s been awhile since I wrote last.  It was my resolution when I started this blog that I would try to write at least twice a week – otherwise, knowing me, 1 day would become 2 days, 2 days would become 2 weeks, 2 weeks would become 2 months – ok, you get the picture so here I am again.  Very often, I have a day that makes me want to come straight to the computer and write about it – but sometimes, it’s just hard to get around to doing it.  So let’s see, what’s been happening since the last time I wrote. 

We were supposed to go tobogganing in the weekend so we spent most of the weekend rushing around trying to buy the things we needed – toboggan!!!, gloves, shoes, hats….. – only to realise that we wouldn’t be able to make it in time last weekend.  The good news is we have bought most of the things.  So hopefully we will get to go this weekend otherwise it will be just before new year.  The other nice thing I did this weekend was going with the Sai Family to 2 old folks’ homes.  We spent the afternoon there – giving out gifts, singing Christmas carols and just talking to them for awhile.  Doing this sometimes can serve as a “reality check” – it made me appreciate what I have now.  These old people are definitely being taken care of – the caregivers in the homes are unbelievable.  All they really have to do is their job, but they go above and beyond to love the old people too.  It really touched me to see one of the lady caregivers going around to give each and every person a hug before leaving at the end of her shift.  The old people are lucky to be so loved and taken care of – but yet, you can see the loneliness in their eyes, hear it in their voices.  I made friends with a sweet old lady – she couldn’t see at all, and had fallen down just the day before when she was returning from her blood transfusion and yet, she spoke so lovingly.  She was so proud and happy to tell me that her son had sent her $100 that day for Christmas.  She referred to him as being such a “good boy” only to follow that comment with the fact that he is now 61 (after all, she is 83).  A mother will always be a mother.  After the volunteer work, I went to starbucks and had more than 2 glorious hours just having a hot chocolate and writing Christmas cards.  Elan was at home with Divya – so I waited for them to pick me after her nap.  Unfortunately, I was joined by a man (who is definitely suffering from some mental issues) at the table next to mine – who kept talking to himself.  Initially, he was satisfied with his own company, but eventually, he realised that I was there too.  So he kept trying to talk to me – he’d mumble a whole lot of things which included some “colourful” language and then he’d say to me “Awww, come on, you know what I’m talking about”.  Apparently, the girls working at Starbucks seemed to know him – he must be a regular.  His name is Bill – so another repeated sentence of his was “some like to call themselves Billie, I’m just Bill”.  I think he just couldn’t take it that I’d rather sit there writing the cards than conversing with him hahah.  So that was pretty much my Sunday.   

Monday was a “white” Anniversary for us 🙂 – we had the biggest snowfall so far – it even kept snowing till about 11am in the morning – and this was the first time the roads were covered too as can be seen in the 2 pictures below.


It’s amazing how the weather can change so fast in just a matter of hours – maybe even less than an hour.  Below is the same view.


So what did we do?  I spent some of the day baking cookies.  I tried something that Elan wanted to try – the pictures are not here because they didn’t turn out very aesthetically pleasing to the eye hehe.  The cookies below looked good – but turned out a little hard.  Need a bit of fine tuning for my cookie recipes (by the way, the heart in the middle is obviously for Elan :)).  We went out for dinner in the evening to Papa Murphy’s – YUMMY!!!  I must say – the ambience and the food are definitely worth the price.  I had – WHAT ELSE – prawns 🙂 and under the pretense of ordering mashed potatoes for Divya, I got a side dish of just mashed potatoes for myself hehe – ofcourse, I shared it with her.  And what did I get as a present?  My own breadman 🙂 – as Elan calls me these days, Mrs Fields – I seem to be turning out to be a more of a baker than a cooker (on the stove).  So this has been something I’ve been wanting for awhile.  I still have my long, long wishlist from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  It was a really nice day 🙂 


As for today, I went for my eye checkup/test.  I’ve been wearing glasses for more than 20 years, and can you imagine, this is the first time ever I have had such a thorough eye check.  I was expecting the usual pain/discomfort-free checkup.  But the doctor put different types of eyedrops in my eyes to carry out the different tests – one was used to dilate the pupils and the last one (which he failed to warn me) was used to numb my eyes (it’s a glaucoma test).  An experience!!  Here in the U.S., unlike in Singapore, you can’t just buy a pair of glasses off the rack – you have to get a prescription from a proper doctor.  I guess that’s a good thing.  Anyway, the diagnosis was – my eyesight has improved – strange but true. 

That’s about all the updates I have for now that I can remember.

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  1. Friday, December 14, 2007 10:50 pm

    Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds!
    It seems to me the life you lead in Boise is so much more fruitful and meaninful than it would have been in Singapore (old folks visit, cookie baking etc.). Somehow over here we’re just so…uninitiated, lazy, can’t be bothered….why ah? (I’m rotting over here.)
    Mrs Fields/ Martha Stewart, make sure you come back to SG with your homebaked goodies ahhhh…. 🙂

  2. boiseangel permalink*
    Monday, December 17, 2007 12:02 pm

    hehe thanks 🙂
    Life here is definitely not without its challenges – but people here seem to take the time to smell the roses. So I guess we tend to get influenced in a positive direction. I realise now that it doesn’t matter where you are – it’s just what you prioritize in life. In Singapore, everyone tends to get caught up with the $ rat race.

    And yes, I’d rather be associated with Mrs Fields – can’t stand that snotty Martha Stewart :p

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