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An awesome weekend

Monday, December 17, 2007


And, ofcourse, I was the only one in pyjamas :p.  Anyway, we had a Christmas dinner party on Friday – it was an early Christmas dinner since we’ll be away in Las Vegas during the Christmas week.  The theme was Christmas in Pyjamas – but the only sporting participants were myself, Divya and Collette.  Elan gets some points for wearing the hat before the guests arrived and Constance gets some points for wearing the Christmassy earrings.  NO, Greg – your green t-shirt does not count towards looking like a Christmas tree 🙂

The menu for the evening was:

Baked Buttermilk chicken with pecans, Creamy Mashed potatoes, Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes, Cauliflower and Water Chestnut Gratin, Corn on the cob, Pecan Pie (for dessert) and Chocolate Fruit Cake pudding with hot chocolate sauce (for dessert prepared by Greg and Constance).

 Most of the food was good – except for the corn on the cob because I had to buy the frozen ones since they’re not in season (Mental Note: Fresh corn or no corn).

It was a really nice night.  Like I always say, there’s nothing in life like good food and good company.  Chris, Stella, Constance and Greg have become our regulars for such nights.  And I must say, they have made and keep making our transition and settling into Boise so much happier and easier.  Poor Greg had to leave for awhile to attend to some work matters after which he returned for dessert and more talking.  Everyone got carried away talking that it was 1.30am when we all decided to call it a night.  By then, ofcourse, the babies, Divya, Collette and big baby Chris were asleep.    

   My little Christmas elf

    Yes, I folded the napkin all by myself!

  Christmas tree and lights

  The table setting with my favourite table cloth – and that unplanned ruler under the table.

  The cauliflower Au Gratin, Mashed Potatoes

   Stuffed cherry tomatoes

  The not so successful corn on the cob (had to buy the frozen ones since they’re not in season)

  Baked buttermilk chicken coated in pecans (and other things)

   The usual suspects (From left to right: Constance, Greg, Stella, Chris and Elan)



Yesterday!!! Now, yesterday was an awesome day.  I think it’s been awhile since Elan and I have had that kind of fun.  We decided to go tubing at Bogus Basin with the Kawamuras.  The drive up to Bogus wasn’t very long – just about 45mins from home.  Even though the snowfall apparently isn’t that much yet, I still admired the breathtaking views of the snow-covered mountains.  Standing at the top of the hill, closing your eyes, feeling the cold and taking a deep breath is something everyone should experience at least once in this lifetime.  The cold initially was a bit too much for the little ones.  Divya was shivering and her face was turning pink when we brought her out of the car to put her in the stroller.  But we learnt fast, and started increasing her bundling.  The hat bought by her Tiger Mama and Marie Mami has finally been put to good use 🙂  After the initial teething problems, we started the actual tubing around 10.45am.  We had bought a pass for a 2-hour session (10am-12pm) so we were quick to get in as many rounds as we could.  I think Elan, Stella and I managed the most rounds.  Poor Chris only managed to go down the hill twice.

The first few times down the mountain was definitely an adrenaline rush for all of us.  It is quite steep at the beginning so as you start going down, you just can’t imagine how you’re going to possibly stop on time by the end of the stretch.  But the ground slopes up a little at the end so you have no choice but to stop.  Besides going down on my butt in the tube, I was even brave enough to go down on my tummy on the tube i.e. face first.  The first time with Stella was a success.  But the 2nd time with Elan….. I crashed into the side and my hat nearly flew off hehehe – I’m sure Elan didn’t know whether to be concerned or whether to laugh hehe.  The whole tubing experience was a fun one – it does get a bit dry after awhile when you’re no longer scared, but was still worth every minute and every cent.  I actually think I’m going to enjoy learning skiing (sssshhhhh, but don’t tell Elan).

Divya, ofcourse as always, enjoyed running around.  But the poor thing had to get used to walking around with her snow boots – but after a few tumbles, there was no stopping her.  Besides a little sunburn and the cold weather, I think she had as much fun as us.

Following this was a nice warm lunch of ribs at Goodwood Barbeque – then some aimless shopping at Walmart where we bought a mini keyboard/xylophone for Divya for Christmas.

Elan and I ended the day watching a bad tamil movie, Aalvaar.  Nothing like the perfect end to a perfect day 🙂   

   Divya & Amma – bundled up, braving the cold [Tiger Mama & Marie Mami – recognise the hat? :)]

  Divya – pretending to be a tuber

   Those little specks on the right are the people being pulled up on the cable after tubing down the hill.

  Elan trying to film me.

  Poor Divya – sunburnt after playing in the snow.

   My little Christmas angel.

     Elan and I – the perfect search and rescue team.

  The Elans on Bogus Basin.

   Divya – all tired and glad to be back in the warm car.



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