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Long New Year Week

Friday, January 4, 2008

What have we been doing this past week?  After getting back from the trip, we spent a semi-relaxing day at home on Friday – with a late opening of Christmas presents for Divya.  She was so tired that she wasn’t that enthusiastic – as always, she was more interested in the wrapping paper.


On Satuday night, we were invited to the Kawamuras for a pot-luck 69%Singaporean-31%American gathering.  I made Chicken Curry and bought couple of French Loaves.  Also in the menu for the night were bee hoon, sambal prawns (the prawn monster in my stomach was awakened), jelly (with the coconut milk and gula melaka), been/tofu vegetable dish and a rice dish that I couldn’t identify but whacked anyway 🙂

It was quite a fun night.  It had been decided that we would have a White Elephant Gift Exchange.  I never even knew such a game existed.  If I had known the rules and more about it, I would definitely have bought a gag gift hehehe – next year!!!  Stella, you may want to read the section on the “Variants” so that you know the rules next year and are all prepared for War! 

   The Elans at the Kawamuras’

   Greg – “Hey you!  Give me back my stolen present!”

   The Kawamuras’ bitter look

   “Shall we break Amma’s gravy boat?”

   Me, proudly, with my new gravy boat

   The Royal Family

New Year’s Eve this year was low key for us.  We just wished each other few times – first when it turned midnight in Singapore (I was online with my Mum), then when it turned midnight in New York since I was watching the countdown and finally when it turned midnight in Boise (the most unenthusiastic one) – with, ofcourse, Elan spoiling all the 3 times saying that it was just an arbitrary day and time anyway – SPOILER!  Maybe, just maybe, we won’t celebrate his ARBITRARY birthday this year :p

Most of this week has been spent with Divya and I trying very hard to recover from a bug we caught – it always affects Divya in a worse way – poor thing, she cries through the night because breathing is more difficult since she can’t blow her own nose.  And the months it takes for her to put on weight just gets washed down the drain in 2 days of being sick.  But the good news is, we are both doing better – I am sitting here blogging and she is cheering for “Obama” (with her fist pounding in the air and saying ba pa ba pa ba pa) – a sure sign of being on the road to recovery 🙂

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