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Skechers Rules

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ok, so there I sat yesterday afternoon at Starbucks, sipping my hot chocolate and attacking my Caramel Muffin with Pecans – and then I heard it…….SILENCE.  Yes, silence – and what an amazing sound it was.  I was savouring my Saturday afternoon while Elan was at home with the napping Divya.  I had attended bhajans yesterday morning at 11am and after a quick lunch at Sharmila’s house, I was dropped off by Paulette at Fred Meyer.  What a treat!  I had expected to be dropped off at some isolated coffee place to kill some time until Elan came to pick me after Divya’s nap – but instead, I had the chance to walk around and then settle down to just relax at Starbucks.  It really was a nice morning and afternoon.  Have you ever had one of those days when you’ve just spent time with yourself – when you actually have time to listen to your own thoughts! 

Now, there was just 1 problem with this whole picture.  I was embarrassed, but just slightly, to be dressed in my punjabi suit, sweater and TRACK SHOES.  When I was a teenager and living in New Zealand, I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a punjabi suit while out at the shops for fear of being sighted by my Kiwi school mates.  But now, many years later, I honestly can’t give two hoots what anyone thinks about me being dressed in my traditional garb.  But there is a line everyone draws, and for me, it’s the track shoes.  Track shoes are fine with many combinations of attire.  But with a punjabi suit?  That was the standard attire for the Indian Aunties in New Zealand and even in Singapore.  So I DECIDED – and for me, when it comes to shopping and deciding, I must really want something enough to decide to buy it.  So Skechers it was. 

I waited for the Mr and the Ms to arrive and we headed for Famous Footwear near the Fairview Walmart.  And just because I was all excited about having finally decided to get the shoes I’ve been wanting for awhile – luck would have it, they didn’t have the size for the design I was looking for.  But they managed to reserve a pair at the branch near the Mall.  So off we headed again.  And as soon as I got there, I grabbed the pair, tried it on and almost took even before it could be paid for. 

And now, the shoes………


Ok, so I’m no foot model.  Focus on the SHOES! 

I am now officially a Skechers “swear by” fan and official spokesperson for them.  So what is so special about Skechers, some of you may ask?  Well, from the top, they could look like dress shoes, but on the bottom, they have the souls soles of sneakers.  Anyway, you won’t really understand what I’m talking about unless you’re a privileged owner of one of these pair of babies.  And for those of you who may already own a pair and don’t share my sentiments……you don’t wanna go down that road.

So that was my Saturday.

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