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Bav Ani Chicken Rice

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It’s been snowing the past few days, almost non-stop.  I guess there must be some snowstorm hitting Boise right now.  It must be really cold outside, but being at home, I can’t tell the difference since the heater runs 24 hours a day. 

  Snowing this morning – picture of the car park

So what else can I do to make my time productive and feel like I’m having fun at the same time – COOK!!!  So I started this morning off by making a very small amount of Egg Custard – my favourite, but not Elan’s so it was just enough for ME 🙂

This only took me 5 mins to prepare – and for the rest of the time, the custard just sat cooking itself in the oven.  So what else could I make???

  Egg Custard

CHICKEN RICE – It has been 8 months since we had chicken rice.  Probably longer since I don’t know when we actually ate it in Singapore last.  The recipe turned out to be incredibly easy – and the best part?  Not much preparation and cutting up at all.  The chicken is quite independent and sits obediently cooking itself in a big pot until the time is up which is when it does its bungy jump into another pot of icy cold water.  It turned out tasting pretty authentic – I made everything from scratch – the rice, chicken, chilli sauce and soup.  According to Elan, the chilli tasted good but a bit hot, so I wasn’t taking any risk with that.  And since he likes hot food, I was happy to relinquish my portion of the chilli sauce to him while I helped myself to some Yeo’s Chicken Rice Chilli sauce. 

Who needs Nam Kee Chicken Rice when you can have Bav Ani Chicken Rice 🙂

   Boise Chicken Rice (Now I need to get some authentic soup bowls and sauce containers)

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