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Banie spotted on the Bunny Hill – the Brundage experience

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yup, it was me!!! Due to a change of plans, we went skiing (yeah right) on Saturday – more like lots of pizza-ing and falling off the chairlift every time we went on it. I JUST DON’T GET IT. Anyway, we headed out early on Saturday morning for the 3-hour drive up to Brundage in McCall. It wasn’t just going to be a stressful experience for me because of the skiing but also because I was going to leave my baby for the very first time in the care of strangers at the daycare centre up there.So this was in my dream bubble all the way up there – “I put my little baby in the day care area, she clung to the gate begging me to rescue her, I started bawling knowing I couldn’t leave my baby in this horrible, horrible place that had so many other kids to play with in a room filled with an abundance of toys – I turned to Elan and told him that skiing would just have to be put off this lifetime – it wasn’t my fault really”. And then, POP, the bubble burst when we got there. Divya clung to the gate from the outside trying to get IN to the daycare room – and once she was in, she didn’t even turn back to look at her parents who were waiting longingly for her to turn back to give us a sign that she’d be ok there. She was off (ignoring the other kids of course) and inspecting the blocks and other toys. My baby didn’t even give me a chance to have a tearful moment. Elan and I finally turned to each other and I said “I guess, we’d better go skiing now”.


Divya in the Bunny Hutch Daycare Center        

      My camera kept getting fogged up.  

So after getting our gear together and on ourselves, we made our way to the Bunny Hill. The first run was MISERABLE. I think I took about 1½ hours to get down the slope – yes, that long. Then it was time for my 1st chairlift ride. Getting onto the lift was as easy as A-B-C, riding along the way was a little scary but I had Elan with me and the world at my feet, we started getting closer and I thought “how hard can it be to get off this chair – stand up and push off right?” – WRONG, I just couldn’t get up. I either froze or just didn’t get it so I just slid off the slope in front of the chair while still in the squatting position AND, what else, but fell. But by now, I was an expert at falling and removing my ski to scoot to the side.

So down I went for my 2nd run – this time it was so much better. With a whole lot of diagonal skiing and pizza-ing, I managed to get down the mountain in 15 minutes – WOW! After the first run, I think Elan wasn’t even sure if I’d ever be able to make it down the mountain. He was encouraging whenever I made it a certain distance.

Time for the chairlift again – I was prepared this time. Elan even held the poles for me and he trained me throughout the ride, telling me when I should stand and use the motion of the chair to push me forward. The time came, and the time went – I was on my butt again. This happened for the next couple of runs. So this is now officially my NEW FEAR.

We had Constance and Greg there on the 3rd/4th runs. Constance helped me a lot with some skiing tips and Greg’s sound effects were encouraging. Both of them and Elan were so patient with me – with Elan and Greg being the markers I had to ski to at each interval.

So can you believe, I have actually conquered 65% of my fear. I am actually not scared to go down the hill now. I do have the new fear – CHAIRLIFTS. But I guess with time, or rather, I hope with time, I will master that too.

My only aim in this whole adventure is to be able to ski down the Beginner slopes well one day. But for now, becoming a master of pizza-ing (snow plowing/wedging) and turning while doing this, shall be my only aim.


Me – how I looked after being beaten up by the snow.


Brundage Mountain Resort


Elan loading the car before we left for home.  


Our quick SUBWAY lunch – look closely to spot some of The Elans

When daycare hours were up, I headed back to the daycare centre while Elan had a few runs on the slope with the skiis. I guess this was also quite a new experience for him since he mainly snowboards. I only felt bad that he couldn’t have some snowboarding time for himself because the snow is really nice at Brundage.  Even for me, a new attempting skier, I could tell that the snow here was better than at Bogus Basin (on the bunny hill anyway, because it icier at Bogus and therefore more slippery).

Divya was happy to see me – for the first minute. But I just had to rescue her. She looked so tired and had become a little grubby. I found out later also that her diaper had not been changed and she had not been given anything to eat and drink even though I had given them instructions to feed her and labelled all the bottles and food I had provided. I don’t know whether it was because it was the weekend and it was so crowded or whether it is their regular practice. And I’m also seriously doubtful whether they were following the 1adult:6children ratio – I couldn’t be sure. But I don’t think we’ll be leaving Divya there for awhile to come unless maybe it’s on a weekday and it’s very empty.

We had a quick lunch at Subway (even Subway looked magical covered with the snow) before heading back to Boise. Except for a knee pain and lots of body aches – it was an awesome day – one of those kind of days that leaves you on a high. 

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