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P.S. I love you

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sunday was spent – mostly relaxing and doing one of the things I love most – watching a movie (in the theatre).  After a belly-warming, soul-cleansing, spirit-lifting lunch at Madhuban – ok, it wasn’t that great – but it definitely was fulfilling – with Elan getting his thosai-fix and me getting my mutton & gulab jamun fixes, I walked to the Reel Theatre to watch “P.S. I love you”.  Ofcourse Elan wasn’t letting me go somewhere without making sure that the place and crowd were safe.  I think he was relieved as soon as we entered the ticket sales area – felt like we had entered an old folks’ home.  There were all these cute old people – counting their pennies and paying for their movie tickets.  So Elan left for his Divya-babysitting duty and I was left to enjoy the movie. 

I entered the theatre to find about 10 women – ages, probably ranging from 100 – 105 – also entering the theatre with me.  They were talking loudly about the weather and had decided “i need to sit real close to the screen dearie so that I can see” (this is a very small 10-row theatre).  I just hoped that they would tone it down a little once the movie started which they did.  They only had to make frequent loo-visits. 

Call it a chick-flick or whatever you may want to, I LOVED the movie.  And I was sure glad that it had the ending that it did (don’t want to spoilt it for anyone who is going to watch it).  And if you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I’m the sort person who is teary in movies – tearing for the silliest things.  So there was a moment in the movie when Hillary Swank was crying to her mother and I found myself start tearing – then I turned around and found the rest of the crowd sniffling too with some little cute old ladies taking out tissues, removing their glasses and dabbing at their nose and eyes.  I couldn’t help but start laughing to myself – I had officially joined the “old folks’ club”.

Since Divya was still asleep at home once the movie was over, I had a chance to linger and buy a few things in the Hallmark shop. 

What a nice Sunday!  I think this theatre is a treasure I’ve found – it’s not overly-populated, it’s cheap and it’s close to home.  Going to the movies is a “food for the soul” event for me (even when I go alone) – it never fails to lift my spirit when I’m down or make my spirit soar when I’m already happy. 


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