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Thursday, January 31, 2008

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So it’s confirmed.  The Obama “STAND FOR CHANGE RALLY” will be held this Saturday in Boise.  Here are the details:

Location : Taco Bell Arena (Boise State University), 1910 University Drive

Time : 8.30am (Doors open at 7.00am)

You are encouraged to arrive early and for security reasons, bags and signs are not allowed.  Although I think some kiddy snacks and a diaper or two stuffed in your jacket will be approved by security – it’s either that or a bunch of screaming toddlers through the speech 🙂

If you want to volunteer, check out this website. 

Just in case you’re wondering, I’ve never been and might never be a political enthusiast.  So you must be wondering, “why” then am I making the effort to support a Presidential candidate.  Well, we left a country, leaving friends, family behind – with the hope of continuing life’s journey in the land of opportunities, dreams.  So when I see a man who speaks of hope and change – not just through his policies, but from his heart, I think he warrants my support.  Call it a gut/”female dog” instinct 🙂

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