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Super Tuesday

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday’s here.  So what have we been doing to prepare for the big day?


Starting on Saturday morning, we awoke early to snowing conditions…..yet again, to go for Obama‘s rally at the Taco Bell Arena at the Boise State University.  We decided to get an early start since the doors were to be opened at 7am and we didn’t want to freeze our tushies outside with Divya if we were too early or too late.  Since we didn’t want to be late, Elan and I had to forego breakfast – Divya was the only lucky one to fill her tummy a little.  When we got there, we found the cars bumper to bumper without space to move or park so we headed to a small lane down the road and settled Thakali into a nice little illegal spot – or maybe it was legal – oh well.  So with growling stomachs, we snow-crunched our way to the Arena.  There were probably 1000 people before us or more, but we managed to get in quite comfortably.  But here comes my gripe with the “security”.  My ever baby-prepared self had packed neatly some supplies for the little one in clear ziplock bags – most security with half a brain usually just check the bags and let me through.  But Security Fool No. 1 looks at the bags and says they won’t be allowed in – then he goes on to check with Security Fool No. 2 inside on his walkie talkie “I need a judgment call on a diaper bag” – I mean BURRITO – to which, of course, Security Fool No. 2 says NO.  I’m sure his walkie talkie looked suspiciously like kiddie walkie talkies.  I wouldn’t have had a problem with this if they were truly carrying out a thorough security check – but they were just letting everyone through with huge jackets – there was no frisking, not even a anything-detector.  All I can say is, Poor Divya!  Elan managed to sneak some crackers in for Divya, in where else, but the pockets in his jacket.  We finally entered the Arena with a silent prayer that Divya wouldn’t poop or pee too much – we had to leave her whole bag outside.

I really should have written this post as soon as I got back on Saturday when I was still on a HUGE high from attending the rally.  The whole experience was just mind-blowing, heart-stopping, woohooing!  We got to our seats (which were pretty good) around 7.30am, but Obama was only scheduled to speak at 9am.  That left us with 1½ hours to entertain Divya, feed her with her rationed snacks or just not make eye contact with her in the hope that she’d forget we were there.  Thankfully, there was a not-so-good(=bad, but I’m trying to be nice) band playing to entertain the crowd.  If there was one thing they did right, it was keeping Divya occupied.  She was quite happy dancing by herself. 


The time went by surprisingly quite fast and before we knew it, the crowd started getting into the mood by cheering.  We started cheering too, but Divya started getting a freaked look on her face so Elan, who was carrying her, had to stop cheering hehehe while I continued rowdily.  And before we knew it, THE MAN himself came out FINALLY.  The atmosphere was filled with static energy – literally too, I kept getting zapped coz of the sweater I was wearing.


Obama didn’t make a very long speech.  And to be honest, I wasn’t totally impressed with the content in this speech as I have been in the past – but, I think the poor man is just suffering from fatigue.  But his charisma still reached out and touched all of us in the crowd.  We stayed till even after the speech had ended so that the crowd would more manageable.  Obama stayed for awhile, going around on the ground shaking hands and exchanging words with people down there.  If only he had seen Divya (= little Obama walking campaign), I’m sure he would have employed her services. 

Making our way out of the Arena, I, of course rushed to the table where we had left Divya’s bag – mentally cursing any “desperate” individual, in advance, who may have stolen the bag.  I guess I gave my perfectly packed diaper bag too much credit – it was still sitting on the table, frozen to the core. I can’t even begin to describe how I felt after the talk.  I guess, coming from a country (not mentioning names – but which is a dot on the map, and has the 1st four alphabets that means to utter words or sounds in succession with musical modulations of the voice) that boasts democracy, but in true fact, wrings its citizens necks with autocracy – it was a lung-filling breath of fresh air to feel as if I, yes little old me, had the ability to have a say in MY future.  The freedom to breathe, think and feel your opinions is liberating.  Feeling as if we deserved a nice, warm brunch – we headed in circles for awhile before deciding on good ol’ Smokey Mountain after which we headed home to slob.Here was our experience for the day caught on video.

Sunday No prizes for guessing what we did on Sunday.  After lunch at, where else, but Madhuban and then a little shopping, we decided it was time for Divya’s initiation into sledding.  We had an awesome time – I guess it will be more evident in the video we took but it will only be posted later in the week.  Divya went down the hill about 4 times – the first 3 times, she was laughing and loving it.  But the 4th time, let’s just say, she didn’t look happy it all hehe


Glitter Text Generator

I was supposed to go out for dinner with a couple of Divya’s playgroup mums last night, but since the dinner was cancelled, I decided to go down to the Obama office and do my last part before Super Today.  Volunteers were on a mission to make as many calls before 9pm reminding voters to go down for the caucus today.  I had a good time, having cookies and making calls to get in all the last minute support for Obama.  I mentioned to another volunteer that I was happy that I may be able to go down for the caucus tomorrow even though I can’t vote and instantly, became the local heroine for the hour, being praised for my dedication even though I can’t vote – of course, I lapped up the attention and was motivated to dial even faster and make more phone calls.  Calling was easier today and the only challenges I faced were:

  • A man saying that I was his 5th “Obama” call today and that if he received another call from “us”, he may not vote for Obama – hmmmm!
  • An 86-year old lady who was so sad she wouldn’t be able to make the trip down to the caucus, but who said that she would be supporting him in spirit – SPOOKY J

Well, the calls have been made, the work has been done – but the fat woman ain’t sung yet – so fingers crossed, and toes – OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA…………..

For those who want to vote for Obama tomorrow, you can go to to find your caucus locationFor Ada County residents in Boise, the venue is the Quest Arena (233 S Capitol Blvd).  The doors open at 5pm and close at 7pm.  So if you’re going to vote, make sure you get in before 7pm.

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  1. Tuesday, February 5, 2008 1:47 pm

    Hi Bavani. Good to hear that you have enjoyed your initial brush with US politics. 🙂

    Spillay xx

  2. Tuesday, February 5, 2008 5:13 pm

    I loved hearing about your rally experience – very cool to hear you excitement and enthusiasm. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I loved this. Take care – Kellan

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