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Bloggers Block

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Warning:  This post consists of a whole lot of scattered thoughts – with no beginning, no end, no meaning, no sense. 

Since the start of this “run” with Obama, I think I’ve been suffering from a bout of bloggers’ block – well, blogging about normal events anyway.  I’ve been wanting to enhance the look of this bloggy world of mine for awhile, but just lack the motivation and more  importantly, am not able to do much on wordpress.  Considering whether I should hop over to blogspot?  Any thoughts anyone?  And it really is time I started formatting and adding “content” onto my pages above.  Like many others, I started enthusiastically, and then got caught up blogging and blog-hopping.

Time to start adding tags, sorting categories and doing a little spring cleaning of my blog home.  Maybe I should give my blog home a name!  And I definitely need to change my title or at least edit it.  What is that all about “The journey of life……”?  I was ofcourse trying to sound mysterious, philosophical and whatever else it takes to impress readers.

I wonder how many people have thought about blogging etiquette.  For you bloggers out there, have you ever noticed how you wait for someone to comment on your post when realistically, sometimes, people just don’t have anything to say.  They read, they laugh, they cry, maybe yawn – and then, they just want to get the hell on with their day!  But then, they think to themselves, “but Person A left a comment on my website, maybe I should reciprocate” – and that starts that whole vicious cycle.  I comment on yours, you comment on mine – I make a joke on yours, you make a joke on mine – I LOL on yours, you LOL on mine – I add you on my blogroll, you end me on yours – I ROTFL on yours, you ROTFL on mine!

Here are 5 tips to unblog your mind and get on that blogging wagon again:

1.   Stare at the floor and then stare at the floor some more.

2.   Go blog-hopping, steal some content, give it your own title – and wah lah!  Blog plagiarism – and you find your sweet behind being sued!

3.   Go on a meme marathon.

4.   Save it in Drafts for another day.  Have you ever had one of those days when you start off a post so enthusiastically, so sure of yourself, so sure readers are going to love it, only to get to the mid-way point of the post, realising that you have lost what you originally wanted to say or that noone’s gonna give two hoots about what you are saying?  Well, there are two ways to go about dealing with this:  (a)  Click that Save button and hope that you will revisit it one day with better ideas (b)  Name the post “Bloggers Block” and warn readers that it’s going to be a post filled with scattered thoughts and that you are not to be blamed for your content.

5.  Pretend to have a guest blogger come in (it’s really you) – write anything you want, funny, unfunny, interesting, boring – and then based on the comments received, admit it was really you if the comments are good and blame the guest if the comments are bad.

I’ve decided, I shall have a guest blogger come in tomorrow by the name of Divya.  She’s been wanting to submit a post on my site for awhile.  So look out for it tomorrow.

Aha!  So you thought that was the end of this post – but in real fact, THIS is the end of this post.

You were warned.

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  1. Wednesday, February 6, 2008 5:17 pm

    HA! HA!

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