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Divya Times – Happy Valentine’s Day Appu – Part Irandu

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I’ve decided to dedicate this post today to you Appu J (Don’t be sad that I haven’t started calling you “Appu” yet. Unlike calling mum-ma with the wrong name, I want to say it perfectly right the first time I call you J ) Mum-ma knows already how much I love her – I throw tantrums at least 20 times a day to let her know. After all, what other opportunity would she have otherwise to scold me then hug me when I start crying. I’ve got the process all sussed out. Don’t tell mum-ma.

Sometimes, I feel I don’t see you enough to let you know. I do try you know – when you come home from work, I try to throw at least 2 tantrums to let you know too – but you are too easy Appu J – even when mum-ma tells you not to pick me up so that I will learn from the lesson, I see you peaking at me through the side of your eyes trying to tell me “wait till she turns around, I’ll rescue you”. I’m not that naughty…REALLY. I’m just disguised as a brat to test you and mum-ma.

Mum-ma is fun and all in her own way – the woman has LOTS of patience playing peek-a-boo with me countless times in a day (as if I’m surprised to see her face each time – I just humour her coz she looks more excited than me) – but you are the real fun one. Sometimes, you just crack me up. I love it when you throw me in the air, tickle my tummy, sing that “pirantha magaley en magaley“ song for me (I don‘t know the words), make up stories that are just plain silly, drag me around the house in any box, take me sledding, dance with me…..the list is too long for my little fingers to type. But there is one thing that just drives me insane – you squeezing my cheeks – I know I’m “oh so cute” and all, but come on. Just wait till I can jump and reach your cheeks. Even though you think I don’t know, I know sometimes you pretend that you don’t smell the poop in my diaper even when I try my best to shake my toosh near your face so that you will change my diaper. The thing that makes me laugh the most is when mum-ma forces you to change my diaper when I’ve pooped – the look of fear-turned-into-shock-into-such-passionate-disgust makes me laugh and makes mum-ma roll over in fits of laughter.I miss you when I don’t see you Appu. I know that you are working hard to look after our family. I get so excited when I hear you at the door every evening. I want to run to the door to give you a big hug, but mum-ma stops such events by putting me in the “jail” so that she can cook. I keep telling her that I’m now 17-months old and old enough to wander around the house myself – and that I promise I won’t stick my hand in the toilet bowl, play with the knobs on the heater, fix my own meal on the stove OR in the oven, try to eat anything that I find on the floor…..but for some reason, she just doesn’t trust me.Mum-ma says that tomorrow is called Valentine’s day – a day to show your appreciation to everyone you love. Hey, I show my appreciation every day just by NOT doing as I’m told. She said that she read online that statistics show that men mostly give presents to their significant other only, while women give gifts to everyone they love. FINALLY her statistics degree has come in useful. Anyway, mum-ma’s present was my 21 tantrums for the day (I threw in 1 more tantrum for the special day), and for you, this blog post is my present. Sorry about the froggy balloon in the picture – mum-ma wanted me to choose a heart-shaped one that said “I love you”, but I did that hyperventilating-when-I-get-excited thing when I saw the froggy so she bought that one.You were the 2nd face I saw when I was born (the first was that terrible Christmas thatha who pulled me out of mum-ma’s warm tummy). I knew, the moment I saw you counting my fingers and toes seriously, that you had found a permanent place in my heart. I love you Appu. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Thursday, February 14, 2008 11:11 pm

    That was sweet! I’m sure Appu loved his present!!

  2. boiseangel permalink*
    Thursday, February 14, 2008 11:20 pm

    He sure did 🙂

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