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Pins and Needles

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The long un-awaited dreadful day is over!!!  Today was our immunizations day – for all 3 of us.  Since Elan and I are SO YOUNG and have lost all immunisation records, we had to go through everything again – the U.S. law requires it.  It’s just so silly that the immunizations required in Singapore are so extensive and yet they are not recognised here. 

As usual, I started dreading this day some time last week.  I am a huge wimp for needles.  As big as I am and as small as they are, they seem to be able to inflict so much more pain on me than I on them.  I don’t know when this “fear” started – I am not so phobic that I have any extreme reactions.  My hands just go cold and sweaty and I stress out about it.  I am the kind of person who would rather endure the “drilling” through a bad tooth in a dentist than take a L.A.  But the strange thing was, yesterday, I just suddenly felt calm and not scared anymore at all – I thought of close people in my life I know who are going through so much more with health issues and I felt extremely ashamed to be scared of such a silly thing. 

And so started our morning with a trip to the Immunizations Clinic.  After about an hour of paperwork, we were ushered into “the room” which is when it all started – the tapping, the poking….. Elan’s vein was found, blood was taken and was done before I could even count to 5.  I wasn’t so lucky – they couldn’t find my vein!  I supposedly have deep veins (is that a nice way for saying I have a bit more padding on my arms then necessary haha!)  It’s a good thing I had a nice nurse – she was this little Asian lady from Hong Kong and she was so scared of hurting me too much.  That made the whole ordeal a whole lot more bearable.  She patiently looked from arm to arm repeatedly for a usable vein – the veins apparently kept rolling away.  I was even provided with a can of juice (reserved usually for the kids) in the hope that a vein would pop up (here’s a tip, drink lots and have your breakfast if blood is being drawn unless it’s for a cholestrol or diabetes test).  Then in came this monster nurse – trying to look all confident saying to my nurse “no luck today?  I’ve had 3 and all were successful”.  She looked like her veins had altogether disappeared a long long time ago – she would have probably needed a 5 inch long and 5 inch thick needle herself.  Anyway, she then went on to offer her unwelcome help to “find my vein” – she refused to use the “butterfly needle” which is a needle that hurts a lot less and used the black needle.  I always look away, but looking at Elan’s flinching expression was enough for me to realise how bad her method was as she inserted the needle and then went on to move it around inside to find the vein – all to no avail!  She left saying “I was her 1st unsuccessful one today”. 

After that, my sweet nurse continued the search.  She was really trying to get it done there or else I would have had to go to the emergency room in the hospital where they draw a lot more blood.  Thank God, finally, she found one in my hand (obviously the opposite side of the palm) – she was hoping not to do it there since it hurts like you-wanna-just-*****-slap-the-monster-nurse.  I was just glad it was over – even if it did take awhile to fill the 2 tubes since the vein there is smaller.  Elan says my hand turned blue and the nurse had to rub my hand to get it warm again. 

We then headed to the next room for the tetanus shot (which is just starting to hurt like hell now) and the standard under the skin TB-test.  Those were now a breeze for me.  We had gone for our appointment thinking only Elan and I would need some injections today, but we found out there that Divya was going to need the TB-test and 3 shots – yup, 3 whole shots on that little leg of hers.  I’m so used to her getting her usual shots that I don’t worry or panic when she cries.  But the TB-test was a whole different story.  This was the 1st one she’s had on her teeny weeny arm – and since her skin is so thin, it’s supposed to hurt so much more.  I think you really know you are a mother when you feel like crying seeing your little one in pain (I didn’t even think of crying when I was getting poked so many times).  I just held on to her tightly hoping that all my love and comforting sounds would ease her pain.  I was so proud of my little baby – even though she cried her lungs out, she hardly flinched and didn’t even move around that much through all 4 pokes.  Five minutes later, the tears were gone and she was busy making friends, playing in the kids’ play area.  I wish I had that innocence back sometimes – it really is all in the mind.  She had forgotten totally about it while I kept replaying it for awhile in my mind. 

So that was my needlesome day.

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  1. Wednesday, February 27, 2008 6:57 pm

    Very, very brave 🙂

    Spillay xx

  2. Wednesday, February 27, 2008 8:06 pm

    You have to get your shots all over again! Man, that sucks!… And I didn’t know you could get them twice… You’d think that wouldn’t be so good for you!

  3. boiseangel permalink*
    Wednesday, February 27, 2008 10:25 pm

    spillay : Thanks 🙂

    Julie : Tell me about it! It’s crazy – and I’m the victim BOO HOO 🙂

  4. Thursday, February 28, 2008 8:41 am

    Now, that sounds like ONE horrible day! I don’t have much of a problem with shots, but would not want to have to go through all that – NOPE! Hope you are okay. Take care – Kellan

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