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547 peekaboos old

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yup, the little munchkin is 547 peekaboos old (translated in people language – 18months old – 1½ years old – 75% of the way to the BIG 2!) – ok, enough with the Maths. I swear this little girl is peekaboo-obsessed. She laughs every single time someone plays peekaboo with her – and the louder, scarier and rowdier it is, the better.

Divya ushered in the day in her own special way – vomit everywhere, then on her Appu and Amma too. After having an awesome weekend (more about that later in this post), my poor little baby had such a bad Monday night. After being asleep for a couple of hours at night, she woke up and threw up everything she had eaten that day – it was awhile before we actually heard her calling us. The puke-nado had ripped through the room. Thank god Elan was at home when this happened so he took care of cleaning up the room (the harder job) and I took care of bathing and consoling Divya – poor thing, she didn’t know what had happened and was so confused. I really take my hat off to the parents who are solo on this parenting journey. So that was Monday night and a little of yesterday and today – that’s where I’ve been. I had had big plans of having my own little celebration and baking cookies for her but I guess that will have to wait. I’m just glad she’s feeling a little better today – I guess I should take doing laps round the living room and begging for “tasty” food as good signs of her recovery. Seeing a child sick is the most miserable thing in the world especially when the child is usually so active – super active. My heart breaks every time I see her sick – she just wants to lie in my arms because she is so weak (and she never ever sits still in our arms at other times).

There have been so many changes in her – so many milestones that I just don’t know where to start. Her little personality is really beginning to show. She’s not much of a talker – but the words she does say are highly unexpected – like she says “burp” if anyone burps (just to make sure everyone knows hehe), she says “na na na” for banana, she says “gonk gonk or ngok ngok” for knock knock – there are too many Divya-isms to list. Maybe if I get inspired enough like Fada, I will create a page for it too. Divya is definitely a physical child – she was getting across a room on her back before she was 3 months old, leopard-crawling by 7 months, crawling by 8 months and walking by the time she was 1. She loves climbing and is an expert at manoeuvering her little body up and down anything and through any little space she can find – of course, sometimes, she’s not able to retrace her steps and summons her Amma for help.

I can’t think of a greater joy than watching your child grow and develop – there are just uncountable times when she makes Elan and I laugh with the words she says and the things she does. Ofcourse, there are also times she makes me just wanna pull my hair out. But the joys definitely far outweigh the hair-loss moments. The photo below (taken when she was about 5 months old) probably summarises all that this little one is – the cuteness, the chubbiness (although all the baby fat has disappeared), the cheekiness, the joy, the stress and so much more……..

The photo/captions blog below will tell you how our weekend was.  Youtube is down right now – so I’ll upload the videos later 🙂

Saturday – Easter Egg Hunt at the Zoo

Checking out the programme – even though it’s not even removed from the bag.

“Get away from me!  I can see your real face in your LEFT EYE….”

“Haha – pigmy goat”

“My two eggs :)”

“Amma – check out my “clean” shoes”

Amma’s dirty knee – so the baby has an excuse, what’s mine?

The egg-hunters!  Watch out, you eggs.

A beautiful day in the zoo.

We kept far away from this since we saw some monster children jumping in it.

“I didn’t know eggs came in green???”


Sunday at the Park

Elan, Divya and my bag at the park.

Just before the long ride down the tube.

Divya – trying to climb back up.

I love this shot even though she was trying to run away.

Flirting with Spidey 😉

Spidey DUMPED 😦

Chillin’ in the trolley OR getting prepared to let a smelly one rip.

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  1. Thursday, March 20, 2008 10:57 am

    Sorry to hear she’s been sick! Vomit is NO FUN!!! For little ones, or their parents. I’ll never forget our first time dealing with it… Jared was around 17 months old, and was puking all night long, and into the next day. What a nightmare!

    Sounds like an awesome weekend. Wish our zoo did an Easter egg hunt! 😀

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