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Happy Easter – Weekend

Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter  Graphics

Eve of Easter 

This story has a happy ending :).  Yesterday turned out to be a bright and happy day – perfect for Divya’s 1st official egg-hunt/easter party.  It was held in one of the moms’ homes (from the Motherhood Society I attend).  It was to be a LONG day for Divya and I – our longest outing alone to-date.  We were out for 7 hours!  I wasn’t sure if I was gonna survive it, but we BOTH did :).  We left home at 12.30pm and only reached home around 7.30pm – and I drove about 40 miles – that’s to give you an idea of our day’s adventure. 

To give you a bit more background about the party – I attend a group for Mums – it’s mostly for mums to meet about once a week in the evenings WITHOUT THE KIDS 🙂 – just to discuss different topics, generally hang out and have some time for themselves.  I just joined this group recently and found out that once in every few months, the kids get together too for special holidays like Easter, Halloween, Christmas…. – so I was quite excited for Divya to meet some kids to play with.  Most of the mums in this group have older children – but playing is playing, whether you’re 1½ or 10.  Since I am home most of the week alone with Divya while Elan is at work, she doesn’t get much of a chance to interact with other human beings except for the greatest one in her life haha – ME 🙂 just in case you were still trying to guess.  Back to the party, we were all invited to one of the homes for a egg hunt – Elan decided to give it a miss since he needed his own time-out too.  It was also a mini potluck session so I decided to get with the Easter spirit and made come Krispies with Peeps and some chocolate chip cookies.  The cookies were a huge hit with everyone (including Elan at home who was stuck with the semi-burnt batch – he ate so many cookies till he got sick!) – the Krispies went a bit slower, but they went :).  


Krispies with Peeps

Divine Chocolate Chip Cookies

Divya had a good time at the party – mainly wondering around, having some snacks and observing.  I was glad to be out and enjoying the beautiful sun.  The hosts of the party are such warm people.  What I like about this group of mothers is that even though most of them are from different backgrounds,  they don’t really care where each one comes from – there’s only one commonality focused on – the joys and aches of motherhood.


Laying a ball?

The kids checking out their egg-loot

Divya chose to opt out of the egg hunt and have her bunny cookie instead

Considering it was a kids’ party – it ended way before the planned time.  I had a bhajan session later on that day around 5pm – so I had to quickly scratch my head and come up with a new plan to fill the time.  After reading many times on a good blogging buddy‘s blog about a Shari’s restaurant, I decided to check out Shari’s for us to have lunch – its biggest pull factor was the fact that it was children-friendly/major noise pollution-friendly.  I also wanted to take advantage of the “children eat for free on saturdays and sundays”, but that was not to be 😦 as the time is from 4pm-9pm and we got there at 3pm.  Oh well!  The food was ok and it was pretty empty so we had a peaceful time pigging out. 

Brunch at Sharis

Divya with her best Angelina Jolie pose

We still had a whole lot of time to go so I decided to take Divya to Target to buy some books for her to keep her entertained through the bhajans and also to clean her up and change – I figured it wouldn’t be too nice to take a little muddy girl for a prayer session.  Now this is where all the trouble began – but more of this later.  Anyway, we were out of there in 20mins and on our way for bhajans.  She was mostly quite good during the bhajans – I always worry whether she will sit quietly – I know it’s quite a lot to ask of a 1½ year old.  But once again, I was convinced that worrying is just a waste of time – if Divya could really talk, I’m sure she’d say “Amma, why worry, you know I’m gonna misbehave anyway!”.  She started off quite good and then got progressively restless.  As soon as the bhajans were over, she joined few other kids running around and playing.  The lady of the house asked if I had Divya’s jacket and shoes so that she could go out and play in the garden and this is when I realised…..I had left Divya’s shoes in the trolley at Target!!!  For those of you who had read my earlier posts, you’d know how excited I was when we got Divya’s crocs for her – I really love these shoes because they’re the 1st pair Divya looks comfortable in and runs well in. 

Have you ever had one of those days when everything seems to be going so well, you feel like rolling down your car window and singing out loud (and you see the people in the next car staring at you in a weird way) and then all of a sudden, a huge BIT FAT WET BLANKET comes from heaven and falls on your head – and you think, why couldn’t I have just had 1 perfect day???  That’s what it felt like.  So I called Target and they said they hadn’t found it – but I was adamant to keep trying, so Divya and I packed ourselves into the car and made our way back to Target, only to be told again, very apologetically, that they had not found anything.  You would not believe the kinds of things people had left behind that were now in their Lost and Found basket. 

I drove home in a dejected way – windows now closed – no songs being sung, just the radio playing in the background while Divya had her first nap for the day at 7pm.  I tried to convince myself that it was just a pair of shoes, but…….

I still knew I couldn’t give up – NO, I did not drive back to Target again – Elan would have hidden my car keys if I had even suggested that.  I decided to give it one more shot and called Target again at 9.45pm before they closed for the night.  And WONDERS OF WONDERS, they told me that a customer had just returned the pair of shoes awhile ago.  I was told that I couldn’t pick them up today as they are closed for Easter, but I could pick them up tomorrow.  So there you go, I told you this story had a happy ending 🙂 – ofcourse, Elan is still teasing me that they are probably some pink adult flip flops that they found, and that they are not Divya’s shoes!!!  I guess I will only find out for sure tomorrow.  More updates to come.

THIS IS WHY I LOVE LIVING IN BOISE 🙂 – the honest, kind people who live here.  If I was back in Singapore, I would have probably done what most Singaporeans would have – not stolen them, but probably put that trolley back and taken another one.  Coming to Boise has renewed my faith in humanity – don’t get me wrong, there are definitely good people in Singapore, it’s just that they’re hard to find.  But I don’t blame people in Singapore – they live in such a fast-paced, stressful environment that it’s almost not financially smart to be nice.  KINDESS=TIME, TIME=MONEY…..I realise it has to be a culture that is built through the years – to have polite, friendly, caring people who make up a community. 

Did I ever tell you about the kind, old woman?  Too bad if I have – you’re going to hear it again.  I was in Walmart with Divya a couple of weeks ago.  I had rolled the trolley to the car park and was taking Divya and the 1 bag of things I had bought out at the trolley point – I was struggling a little to manouever the trolley into the designated area and behind me was this old, old woman – probably about 80 years old with her cane – and she started to tell me to go ahead, that she would put the trolley in for me.  Ofcourse I couldn’t accept help from this old woman who could barely walk herself so I kept telling her to go ahead – to which she kept INSISTING that “you go ahead dearie” – rather than risk getting whacked with her cane, I decided to let her help me out.  Yet, another reason I love this place.

So I got my perfect end to my perfect day – except for the bad, bad movie Elan and I watched – the multi-Academy-award winning “No Country For Old Men”, but that’s ok, since I fell asleep through it anyway.  One more thing I learned – make a budget movie with not much of a storyline, get a strong actor who can carry a gas tank and can keep a straight face with no emotions, and have no music through the whole movie – and WALAAA, take home some awards.  I’ve read raving reviews about this movie – but I think people just want to find or make something out of nothing – you know the kind of people who see a man slip on a banana peel and perceive it to be the fall of humanity.


Today was spent in simple fashion – meeting up with good friends, Constance and Greg for lunch at Ocean City – a new find – a Chinese Buffet restaurant.  Until now, whenever I have a craving for some Chinese food, I drag Elan along to China Grand Buffet on Fairview Avenue.  We always leave feeling cheated and feeling like we’ve drunk gallons of sea water, our tongues stinging from all that salt.  But today, today was different – this place is good.  It is located on Overland road near Eagle Road.  The building is new – they’ve only been opened since last September (as I found out when I interrogated one of the staff) – and it’s ambience is unexpectedly a little authentic and classy.  There is a wide variety of food and quite a few of the items are pretty good.  One of my favourites would have to be Colonel Tong’s Chicken or was it Colonel Ong?  The customer service was efficient – and friendly.  The lady serving us was so kind to Divya and was trying to find something that Divya would like to eat – this is my true test for customer service – the ability to be able to please Divya :).  All in all, we had a nice lunch and good conversation as always. 

Ocean City Restaurant

The wide variety of food

A mini-bar

“I’m the queen of Ocean City”

The tired Elans

Greg, Constance, Me, Elan, Struggling Divya

Yesterday’s tiring day must have been still having some lingering effect on Divya – she insisted on having 2 naps today.  And both times, we had to wake her up – the 1st time to go out for lunch and the 2nd time to go on her first cycling adventure.  Elan spent most of today fixing the child seat to the bicyle.  Being forced to wake up, Divya decided to give us a hard time too, crying and refusing to sit in the seat. 


Not too happy child

Since the weather was quite nice, we decided to take her to the pond – and to her great delight, she saw 2 ducks swimming around and she said “duck” for the first time today after seeing real ducks.  She kept trying to circle the pond to get their attention but they kept trying to swim away.  This put her back in a good mood and she loved her 1st bicycle ride after that.  Elan decided to just have a trial run today in a big empty carpark near our place – ofcourse, I was the self-appointed safety officer who followed them in the car, shouting out the window for Elan to go slow and take careful turns.  Divya loved the ride – I guess she’s a perfect mix between Elan and I – I am the roller-coaster kinda girl and Elan is the bungy-jumping kinda boy – so Divya is a speed demon.  Now, all we have to do is fix her helmet so that she can see where she’s going.

The “peddler” and his daughter

The happy rider

So that was my Easter weekend – a well-spent weekend.

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  1. Sunday, March 23, 2008 11:43 pm

    Good Layout and design. I like your blog. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. .

    Jason Rakowski

  2. Monday, March 24, 2008 9:45 am

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend… Except for the shoe thing, of course!… I hope they ARE her shoes there! Maybe you’re there getting them now. 😀

  3. boiseangel permalink*
    Monday, March 24, 2008 7:37 pm

    @Julie : Yes Julie, it was a good weekend 🙂 – and yes yes yes, I found the shoes – since my hubby was sick and at home today, I had the car for the day so that was the first thing I did 🙂

  4. Wednesday, March 26, 2008 10:53 pm

    wow, what a day. and yes, i saw the cookies.recipe. gimme. please. nunu’s been begging for koholet cheep cookies and i kept procrastinating!


    [Bavani] : Chocolate chip ofcourse! I’m a chocolate monster 🙂 – i’ll send you the recipe soon with the changes in i made (they may help).

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