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Toddler on the loose….

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I keep wanting to write in my blog and somehow, I keep thinking it was just a couple of days ago that I wrote last.  Sometimes, I just don’t know where time goes.  This past week feels like I’ve been squeezed through the juicer, spun in the washing machine and then flung around in the dryer – hmmm, good weight loss program (considers seriously!).  Maybe the picture below would give you an idea of what I am at the end of the day……

Me (messy hair, pimples and all) and my munchkin

Notice the fresh looking baby – and the exhausted mother.

Well, one good thing definitely came out of motherhood, an absolute lack of shame hehe – I no longer worry about what I look like in a photo – I never liked being the subject in a photo to begin with.  Just a note, I have never had the acne problem before – not even in my adolescent  years.  But for the past 3.5 weeks, I have actually been exercising (YES!!!) and I read online that a pimple breakout can occur – so I’ve taken to SCRUBBING my face with facial wash straight after my exercise sessions – this absolutely USEFUL piece of information was for those of you in my situation.  Ofcourse Elan is having a highly amused time at my expense – at my delayed breakout.  Oh well, some thing has to be sacrificed   and I decided it was time I shed a few, ok, many of those winter-warming pounds – winter is over, so I better get with the program.  It’s been going well so far – mostly, I try to exercise during Divya’s naptimes, but on the days that she hardly naps, I have no choice but to do it while she’s around – she definitely kicks it up a notch for me, helping to increase the intensity – with all those moves I have to use to make sure I don’t step on her or kick her in the face – somehow, she loves squatting and “reading” her book under my feet.

Last weekend was a really trying one.  Someone had kidnapped our sweet little girl and in place, left a cranky, clingy toddler.  She wouldn’t let me put her down (I had to carry her everywhere), she didn’t want Elan to carry her, she cried constantly, she didn’t want to eat anything (not even her favourite foods) – she just had no idea what she wanted.  My expert diagnosis was that she must have been teething or going through a MAJOR growth spurt.  I finally applied some orajel (teething pain reliever) on her gums and she seemed better.  We lazed most of Saturday – but had a very creepy experience.  We usually take Divya to an ice-cream place in a very small mall (ok, I’m not going to name it in case there are some weird stalkers out there) so that she can run around the mall which is usually totally empty since most of the shops are not occupied (too much information?).  Elan and I sit on opposite ends while she runs around – on this occasion, there was 1 man who came into the mall.  I try quite hard in my daily life not to be judgemental – I fail horribly sometimes, but I do try.  Anyway, he looked homeless – either that, or he was WAY OVERDUE with his laundry.  He started shuffling, yes shuffling, towards Divya and I – Elan was on the other side with his back to us.  Call it intuition – but I started getting a bit creeped out so I started calling Elan.  After a delayed reaction, Elan came to join us and realised why I was calling him.  Ofcourse Divya had to run off at this time so Elan went after her and SO DID THE MAN.  Ok, I know – I still haven’t gotten to the creepy part.  He asked Elan what her name was and Elan answered, also trying to be nice and not judgemental.  So the man started calling out to Divya – thank god for Divya’s “ignorance is bliss” attitude – she kept running in the opposite direction.  Then this is the conversation between Elan and the man:

Creepy man : Do you know what her I.Q. is? 

Very protective father, Elan (with wary smile) : No, I don’t.

Creepy man in a knowing tone (with Twilight Zone theme music playing in the background) : YES, you do…..

At which time, Divya was sweeped up by Elan who hurried me out of the mall.   Hey, we try – we try to be nice – but it always pays to be cautious.  All it takes is a blink of the eyes for someone to take off with a little one – in our case, there’s a high chance Divya would be returned with her complaining and screaming to alert passers-by – but never, never take a chance.

Sunday was spent going to check out our potential 2nd car (potential at that time, but just bought today).  I’m sure I’ll be posting lots of pictures once we pick it up.  So while Elan spent AN HOUR checking it out, I drove around the neighbourhood to check out houses with Divya.  There was a neighbourhood around there with beautiful houses (with the river running behind) – so I’m sure you can imagine how expensive they are.  And guess what I saw in one of the backyards of the houses (mind you, this is not a farm area)……

Ofcourse, it had to look down as I snapped the photo (can you guess what it is?)

We also watched The Kingdom on Sunday – a movie we enjoyed after such a long time.  There was a lot of violence – but necessary violence for the story – unlike the mandatory fight scenes in some tamil movies 🙂

Anyway, come Monday, Divya’s kidnapper brought back, not just our sweet little girl, but a little mature woman who understands so much more than she did last week.  She’s able to communicate her needs to us – she has become a highly affectionate little girl – she never used to like showing much affection so I used to think that that was just her personality.  But now???  Ask her for a kiss anytime, and she’ll come running to put her face on yours and she says “Awwww” (praising herself).  She also kisses the wall, her shoes, the sofa……..And the reason for the title of this blog – finally?  We have un-cordoned the area she used to be allowed to play in and she now runs around the whole house.  I have managed to teach her that she cannot enter the kitchen at all – so she stands at the tip, balancing on her toes and stretching out her arms.  Even though she can open the room doors if she wanted to, there seems to be a psychological barrier when they are already closed – so it’s working for now.  This could explain my photo above.  I have been slowly emptying out our living and dining area so that she has less to attack.  So far, it’s going quite well – besides the every 10-minute “Divya, where are you?  Come to Amma…….Come here now!!!”

Looking for stashed away biscuits under the high-chair seat cover

The weather has been warming up finally – after a few unexpected snow showers.  So we decided to take Divya to the park a couple of days ago.  We regretted our decision 10mins after getting there – the change in temperature in the evenings is so sharp and sudden that it takes one by surprise.

On the move……again

The Motherhood Society I attend also had a silent auction on Tuesday evening to raise some money for the club.  I have never been for any auction, let alone a silent one so I was quite excited.  But only 4 of us turned up, so we sort of exchanged what we had (took what we liked) and agreed to give a small donation to the club.  Maybe next time…..

My precious find at the silent auction that never was – we’ve been wanting to get one – we see one in practically every doctor’s waiting room.  Don’t know what it’s called – but we know it’s something educational (good enough?)

Ok, I can feel the rambling coming on – or rather continuing.  So I shall write more after my very exciting library booksale this weekend – I’m all ready with my strategy to elbow fellow-bookworms out of the way to get my books….Since I’m close to collapsing, I shall be such a rebel and not even proofread my blog post today.

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  1. Friday, April 4, 2008 10:35 am

    I’m glad the kidnapper brought your sweet daughter back !!! Nice to be able to go to the park for the afternoon too – cute pictures.

    Have a good weekend Bavani – see you soon – Kellan

  2. Friday, April 4, 2008 10:36 am

    That guy would have freaked me out too! Glad Elan was able to get her!!!

    I don’t know what those bead things are called either, but my kids loved to play with them at the doctor’s office when they were smaller… In fact, some of them STILL play with them there. *lol*

  3. Friday, April 4, 2008 3:24 pm

    Interestesting post. I remember those “toddler days”,.. imagine having 2 toddlers (13 months apart) running about!! The boys turn 7 and 8 this year – and now, it’s all about gladiators and super-hero impersonations!!!

    Have a great weekend 8) .

  4. Tuesday, April 8, 2008 5:59 am

    Hi BAvani – thanks for coming by today. Have a good day – Kellan

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