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A long weekend of treats

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Divya had her 18th-month checkup on Friday (ok, so it was 1 month late – that’s how long it takes to get an appointment here sometimes).   I was worried sick before that because we’ve been concerned about her weight/thin look (under those clothes, she’s thin!).  But the doctor assured me that she is right on track in all the various development areas.  The doc thinks that Divya has the lean body type (makes sense!  looking at her Amma hahaha – I WISH!!!)  And she said that the other reason she looks thin is because she is in the 90th-percentile for height (based on the American kids’ standard) and considering she’s Asian, that’s tall – so I guess she’s been vertically stretched.  Anyway, all is well in the Divya world.  Doctors can be extreme – either they are really nice or they can be so coldprofessional that they hardly even glance at the baby when examining.  Since coming to Boise, we’ve had a few “not so good” experiences with doctors but have been finally lucky enough to find this lady.  She’s really nice – and me being a firm wimp of needles, bedside manner is of HUGE importance to me – whether it be for me or for my munchkin.  Ofcourse, the doc is also a little bit of a drama queen 🙂 – she said that Divya’s speech development is going along well (although I still think Divya seems to be more of a physical baby than a verbal one).  While we were in her office, Divya tried to open the door to escape so I in my usual mother-tone said “No touching” meaning for her not to touch the door handle and being so used to my “No touching” instruction Divya ran away from the crime scene.  The doc was SO impressed that she could understand my instructions that she even recorded it in Divya’s file – hehehe.  So was it a good thing then that I had an opportunity to discipline her at that moment?

Being so pleased with the appointment, I decided to take Divya out to a few places (or was the outing more like for me?).  We went to the mall and had a snack after which we went to Gymboree which was having a sale so I couldn’t help but pick up a pair of cute overalls for her :).  I had my $3 massage fix for the month (you know those massage chairs in the middle of the mall – $1 for 3 mins) – but on hindsight, maybe it was not such a good idea considering that I had hurt my back that morning hmmm and also that since I was alone with Divya, I had to sing her nursery rhymes while getting my massage (not a very relaxing massage) – not to mention the other people getting their massages who were staring at me in a not so friendly way – I guess nursery rhymes were not very relaxing for them too hehe.

We headed over to Old Navy next – NO SALE – so we were out of there.  On to Toys R Us next – for being such a good girl, I thought Divya deserved a little present – so courtesy of the gift her thatha had sent, we bought this.

Music and using musical instruments is good for development, or so I read – I’ve been wanting to get her this for awhile but I could never find it before.  I love that it has a variety of instruments so I can give it to her at intervals.  She was thrilled to bits.  We then headed over to this store “Kid to Kid” – we had never been there before.  It sells a mixture of new and used children items – clothes, toys, cribs – the usual.  But what I liked about this shop was the effort they had put into making it unique.

Notice how the little pink door is only for kids and the big normal door is next to it?  And in the store, they have a cordoned area for kids to play while parents shop – it has a TV and toys – what is special about this area is that it is cordoned with a solid wall covered with carpet so there is no means of escape and getting lost (I really should have taken a picture – next time).  I then called Elan to ask if he wanted to meet for a drink after he finished work – it’s kind of nice going out on a Friday evening for awhile.  He wanted to as well.  So Divya and I had to kill some time – we headed out to a park.  The weather was just glorious.  And it was so nice to see parents setting up their beach chairs getting ready to watch their kids’ little league game (just made me realise that I can’t wait to be involved with Divya’s activities as she starts growing up :)).  The kids were SO cute lugging their huge bags along to meet with their coach 🙂

We then headed out to Starbucks to wait for Elan – I really love this particular Starbucks because it’s quite empty and quite uniquely designed (ofcourse, I’m not going to mention the location or it will no longer be empty!).

Divya giving her Chandramukhi look that says amma-you’re-getting-on-my-nerves

We headed home in separate cars so Elan and I took different routes.  Just as I was reaching home, Elan called me to say that on his route, he saw these cute cute deers just relaxing in a residential area round the corner from our place.  And he knows how I’m always on the lookout with my camera so I got back into the car with Divya and headed there.  We suspect that the house owners must be feeding them or they would not make their way all the way across the river and the road to come here.

Yesterday was a lazy Saturday.  After having lunch at Shari’s, we headed to Toys R Us AGAIN where we decided to get Divya her first tricycle.  I know she’s a little young at 1½ years to be cycling – but I’ve been having this thought more and more in my head of recent about her development – I always read that we should celebrate our children, celebrate their strengths and encouraged their other development at their own pace.  Elan and I have noticed since she was about 3 months old that she is a very physically-inclined child.  At 3 months of age, she was able to move across a room on her back using the worm style of movement.  Even then, I could not leave her even for a moment on the bed or on the floor.  And as she has grown, she has gone through every step quite fast – from her leopard crawl, to her real crawl, to her walk…She is really good at climbing – she is constantly doing her Padangusthasana yoga pose – but she’s so small that when she does this pose, her head can touch the floor.  She loves attempting her splits – yes!  She likes doing splits and goes almost all the way before she plops onto her diapered bottom hehe. 

I think as parents, we often spend way too much time trying to keep up with the Joneses’ kids that we forget how special our own little ones are.  I honestly strive not to compare her too much with other kids but being JUST human, I do it sometimes. 

Anyway, Elan is the offical cycle-trainer.  So his first mission for the afternoon was to get her to face the correct direction on the tricyle hehe.  She’s getting there :). 

After putting her for a nap, I felt this great desire to go for a movie.  If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know how I treasure going to the theatre for movies – there’s just something about sitting down in a theatre with a big screen, waiting for the lights to go off, sinking into the fantasy of others’ and letting go of your reality, just for awhile.  From the age of 18, I even enjoy going for a movie myself – there were many occasions when I really wanted to see a movie back then and I could just not fix a time that suited all my friends and eventually I’d be disappointed that I had missed the movie.  And then one day, I just REALISED, “hey, I can enjoy this myself!”  And since then, there has been no turning back.  The day I found out that they were building a mall, 10 mins from my home in Singapore, WITH a theatre was probably one of the most exciting days.

Anyway, back to my movie yesterday.  Quite a few movies were released recently.  I decided on “Forgetting Sarah Marshall“.  I had only heard a little about the movie – but was pleasantly surprised :). 

If you are the type who doesn’t like vulgar language used in movies or nudity, then you will definitely NOT like this movie.  But if you are the type who has my kind of sense of humour – and are willing to accept such things with a sense of humour, then the movie is hilarious – I laughed almost throughout.  There was also this really funny man in the theatre who laughed really loudly – usually I find these kind of people a little irritating – but this man was really funny.  He was so involved with the movie that he would laugh and say things like “don’t do it, don’t do it – awwww!!!”, “oh man!”, “awww come on….” hehe.  As you would probably have guessed, the movie is about a guy trying to forget his cheating ex-girlfriend.  The movie’s unique characters really make the movie a success – from the waiter, to the hotel staff, to the “famous” rock star 🙂 – WATCH IT!

And now, we’re off to lunch – hopefully at the Thai Restaurant. 

Starting today, I will be doing a 2-week dedication to my mother for Mother’s Day – so EVERY DAY, I will write something relating to mothers, my own mother and my experience as a mother.  So look out for that tonight.

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  1. Sunday, April 27, 2008 2:26 pm

    Looks like you don’t have to worry too much about Divya having a wonderful childhood!! With all the love and attention that you are giving her as her Mum,… she’ll probably be one of the most balanced person around when she grows up 🙂 .

  2. boiseangel permalink*
    Sunday, April 27, 2008 3:37 pm

    @spillay : Thanks for that compliment 🙂 – always means a lot getting it from another mum 🙂

  3. Monday, April 28, 2008 1:29 am

    Sounds like a wonderful couple days. 🙂 … That Kid to Kid store looks cool! Wish they had one around here. 😀

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