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Welcome to America…Part 1

Friday, July 4, 2008

So it’s a bit late – since we’ve been here for more than a year.  But this shall be the first 4th of July that we celebrate.  Since Divya was sick last year, we missed the celebrations – so today is the first time we get to get caught up with the festivities.  So far, we haven’t done much yet.  The plan was for Divya and I to go for Pancakes in the Park in the morning, but Divya wasn’t feeling so well yesterday so I decided that she should rest the whole day so that we can enjoy the evening.

So far, we’ve lazed, watched a “typical” movie on the Lifetime channel and had lunch.  Oh yeah, AND we watched the Annuay 4th of July Hot Dog eating contest held in Coney Island.  And the result?  Joey Chestnut managed to beat Takeru Kobayashi to hold his title from last year.  It’s kind of a disgusting contest – especially since I was having my lunch while watching it.  But for some reason, I just remained glued to the TV waiting for the results.  I just wonder where ALL those hotdogs go – doesn’t a body explode at some time?  Anyway, it was a tie and they went into “extra time” – during which Joey won by just about a bite!

Enought of that.  Now it’s time for Divya’s nap (phew!) and then we’ll be heading out for the Liberty Parade downtown in the evening around 6pm.  After which we hope to find a restaurant for dinner – if there is any place left.  We need to kill some time because the fireworks are only going to go off at 10.20pm – this is the problem with Daylight Saving and the very late sunset time.  Anyway, I just can’t wait.  I’m a fireworks freak – well, I don’t enjoy setting them off myself (bad memories!) but I just LOVE watching them in the sky – there is something so magical that it takes my breath away every single time.  And this will be Divya’s first time watching them too – hope she doesn’t get scared.  By the way – here’s a bit of my “Bad Memories” story.  When I was small, my brother and cousin would chase me around my cousin’s house and throw pop pops at me – do you know what pop pops are?  They are this little white thing – when you throw it on the floor, it makes a loud pop sound – totally safe but terribly scary!  So can you imagine me being chased around the house?  I hid in the toilet and when I came out, they had put some under the floor mat outside the door!!!  And then when I sat down on the bed, they had put some under the blanket!!!  Horrible boys!  So that’s my story.  But I used to love going to K.L. (Malaysia) to stay in my Uncle and Aunty’s house – it was legal, sort of, to set off fireworks there.

That’s about it for now.  Tune it tonight for more after we’re home from the works 🙂

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  1. Saturday, July 5, 2008 1:41 pm

    I hope you got to enjoy the festivities…

    I was wondering, do you have a story anywhere on our blog, about your move to the states? I would love to read one. 😀

    My kids got to play with those pop pop things for the first time the other night. They loved them, but one time Jared forgot he had one in his hand, and squeazed his hand together… He said it hurt. 😉

  2. boiseangel permalink*
    Saturday, July 5, 2008 10:45 pm

    We did really enjoy ourselves 🙂
    Them horrible pop pops! Poor Jared. I can imagine that it would hurt if it was in close contact with skin when it goes off.

    I actually don’t have a story yet of our move to the U.S. I’ll get one written as soon as I can get my lazy self to doing it – and maybe I’ll “password” it to prevent the nosey ones from reading it – I’ll definitely give you the password 🙂

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