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It’s been awhile….Part 1

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ok, so it’s not quite last night – it’s about just over 24 hours since my intended post.  But better A LITTLE later than never right?  I still find it strange sometimes how I’ve made friends through my blogging – I have lurkers too – but it’s the regular ones I look forward to reading my posts and comments.  Most of them I have never met in person but yet, it is those whom have offered positive words and encouragement through troubled times.  Enough of the mush, I hear?  Get on with it Bavani! 

LOTS has been happening.  I’ll wait till I have totally settled down in my new home (YES!!!  We finally found a house we love) to write about the bad experience we had the first time.  Hopefully that will help others planning to buy houses too. 

This will probably be a Part 1 type of blog post – I don’t think I could get everything written down.  So let me TRY and be a little systematic.  Let me start off with the topic I love most – Divya :).  I have to admit, it’s been hard giving her full attention for the past few months with all the running around with house admin work to be done.  But we have been trying our best.  We even managed to catch the last few rays of summer.  Yup, it’s beginning to get a little chilly here in Boise.  Hope some of the photos below show what Divya has been up to – they speak so many words than I ever could.

A little water feature in a park where kids can run through shooting streams of water

Divya with the Starfish she won at the Idaho Carnival

Divya on her first pony round-and-round ride at the Idaho Carnival with the faithful Amma following

We were lucky to have my cousin and his family over while they were passing through Boise.  I always think that Divya could pass off as my nephews’ sister – don’t you think?

Divya in her ONLY proper visit to the pool this summer – she loved it!

Posing on the bicycle rack at the Mall – while we waited for Elan to pick us up

Divya – caught in the act trying to steal try on someone elses shoes at the Motherhood Society Picnic – she also managed to mix all the kids’ shoes AND socks up hahaha

Divya having her very first bouncy house experience at the Motherhood Society picnic

Elan attacking his pulled-pork sandwich at the Ribs Cookoff

This is Divya’s permanent position when we put her in the stroller – always in the act of an attempted escape

A beautiful day at the Ribs Cookoff – we went  2 days earlier and were too late as they were closing up – so we returned on Labour Day for lunch

Divya and her Amma – posing proudly with the keys to our new home (and more in the next post about our new home :))

There are just so many changes with Divya in the past couple of months for me to write it all in this post – maybe I’ll save that for the special dedicated birthday post – YES!  My baby is turning 2 is less than 2 weeks’ time 😦

But for now, I think the most special moment was something that happened last Sunday.  Well, I’ve been teaching Divya her alphabets for a LONG time – I usually just write them and then read them out to her and tell her what sound it makes.  I also show her a couple of alphabet cartoons sometimes.  But everytime I asked to say an alphabet, she’d just give me this blur look.  But last Sunday, three of us were just lazing around and Elan started writing the alphabets and asking her – and she started saying almost ALL of them.  This child never fails to amaze me – a lot of children I know start with a few at a time – but I think she’s just been storing the information.  I was so moved – I was about to cry!  Ofcourse Elan found that funny – but for those of you who have taught anyone anything – you would know what I mean!  So an hour later, we decided to film it to re-capture the moment 🙂 – hope you enjoy her “show” hehe – you have to listen carefully as she still says some of them with her baby lisp AND for some alphabets, instead of saying the alphabet, she says the sound that it makes – like “ber” for B hehehe – she knows her numbers too, but only likes saying the alphabets.  Ok, I know you all hear that trumpet blowing now – WELL TOO BAD!  It’s my blog, and I will blog if I want to……..hehehe.  I’m just so proud of her because she’s not even 2 yet!  I couldn’t even read till I was about 6-7 years old!

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  1. Sunday, September 7, 2008 9:22 am

    Wow! … She’s doing awesome! … When my kids were that little, I didn’t even think to show them the letters. We sang the alphabet song all the time, and counted with them, but didn’t show them what the letters looked like until later. *lol*

    Can’t wait to read about your house! … I wasn’t blogging/journaling when we got our first one, though I wish I had. 😦 … But I journaled about every day when we dealt with selling our old house, and getting this one… It was soooooo stressful, and I hope I never have to do it again! *lol*

  2. boiseangel permalink*
    Sunday, September 7, 2008 9:40 am

    @Julie : I still sing the alphabet song to her too – she just loves for me to read books to her so I thought, why not show her the alphabets too – I used to think she wasn’t too interested coz she would play while I was showing her – but it must have been all going in – children really are amazing.

    I did want to blog about the whole house matters while we were going through it but it was just way too stressful. But now things are much better 🙂 – we are moving in next Saturday 🙂

  3. Sunday, September 7, 2008 4:22 pm

    Wow! This is a good catch-up post. You have actually written quite a lot 🙂 . Love the photos (as usual). Can’t wait to read Part 2!!! Have a great week!!! 🙂

  4. boiseangel permalink*
    Sunday, September 7, 2008 8:12 pm

    @spillay : Glad that you felt I wrote a lot hehe – I didn’t think it was much for having disappeared for so long. Part 2 will come sometime this week – it will be about our new house with pictures 🙂 – but it will be a “protected” post – I’ll definitely send you the password. You have a good week too 🙂

  5. Monday, September 8, 2008 12:46 pm


    welcome back, great to hear all the updates. Congrats on finding your new home. Divya has sure grown taller, you must have your hands full with her and the home to settle down.

    Hope to see subsequent posts sooner…

  6. Tuesday, September 9, 2008 2:44 am

    I watched this amazing video with Sarah- she was looking very intently (probably eyeing the magna doodle and dora sofa) and giggled everytime YOU giggle hahaha.

    I personally love it when Divya says F… she went like fffff fffff so cute! Great job, Divya! Such a smart girl! 🙂

  7. raggedyanne permalink
    Tuesday, September 9, 2008 10:55 pm

    bav, she’s a lot smarter than you think! she’s doing phonetics that’s why she says ‘ber’. i think she’s a lot like nunu lah, so energetic, intelligent, cheeky, full of surprises and mischief (oh dear, whose blowing her trumpet now?) trust me, that child of yours a lot more tricks under her sleeves, so brace yourself.

    p/s: i especially love divya’s antics messing with the shoes, that is soooo totally, like what nunu would do (eh, i sound so bimbotic eh?) yday we were shopping for some raya shoes, she was the one helping out the store assistants to serve me and get shoes and pinching at the right spots and asking me all the right questions. hehe, so amusing. then she wrecked havoc and re-arranged all the shoes on display. sigh..

  8. boiseangel permalink*
    Wednesday, September 10, 2008 10:06 pm

    @mitr : I will try my best to go back to my at least twice a week posting once we’ve settled into our new home 🙂

    @fada : hehe – the magna doodle is the best “clean” way to reading and writing hehe – she’s done too much damage with the crayons. At least Sarah appreciates my giggle hehe – yes, her F and S are cute!

    @raggedyanne : Thanks for the compliments about Divya! I think she is like Nunu – these active little ones also seem to surprise us with their hyperactive minds 🙂 – I am bracing myself coz she’s surprising/shocking me every day hehe

    I know what you mean about the “shoes” thing – Divya leaves a little destruction wherever she goes – I usually just have to hide my face and run away!

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