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On the other side of the table

Friday, October 23, 2009

That’s where I sat this morning at Divya’s school with Elan.  I was now the parent attending the “Parent-Teacher” meeting.  Gone were the days of me being the teacher, giving feedback to a parent, good or bad.  Here I was sitting, feeling a teeny weeny bit nervous.  Silly?  For sure.  She’s just 3!  What could a teacher say that was so bad about a little one?  And yet, the anticipation of a first-time judgement of your child by a stranger is slightly nerve-wrecking.  Wondering if you’ve been doing a good enough job.  After all, a child, at this age, is truly a reflection of what she sees, hears and learns at home.  Well, that being said, it turns out Divya has been doing pretty well.  Nothing huge to report about.  She’s enjoying school, her friends, the activities. 

It really does start at this age, doesn’t it?  The guidance, the worrying and wondering if you’re doing right by your child.  I guess the reason I’ve been obsessing thinking about this so much for the last couple of days is because I read this article written by the mother of one of the shooters in the Columbine High School shooting which took place 10 years ago.  When I read this type of article, I tend to want to read more about what happened and look at pictures of the criminals – I always wonder if I’d be able to identify a person on the street who had such thoughts.  This article also reminded me about the challenges of parenthood – inculcating the right values, guiding your child and then finally trusting your child to do the right thing and praying that your child comes to you if they are ever in trouble.  I’m sure you can tell that the article deeply disturbed me.

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  1. Friday, October 23, 2009 12:56 pm

    I would be VERY nrevous doing a parent/teacher conference for public school! … As for now, I guess if I want to have a parent/teacher conference, I would have to sit myself down and talk to myself. *lol*

    Glad to hear that Divya is doing so well!

    Oh… Which reminds me… I started watching a show on USA this summer, called “Royal Pains”. There is a character named Divya on it. 😀

    @Julie : I know what you mean. I felt like a student again facing the teachers. That’s funny – if you were to sit down and talk to yourself. Your kids would get a little worried if that happened hehe

    I’ve been wanting to watch that program but have not figured out which channel it’s showing on. Have I missed much? I’ll look out for it.

  2. Sunday, October 25, 2009 10:18 am

    Actually, the 1st season of “Royal Pains” is finished, but you can see a few of the episodes here: … I bought the entire season from iTunes.

    It was renewed for a second season, which comes next summer, I think.

    @Julie : I’ll be sure to check it out.

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